Product News: Molecular Diagnostics Platform Providers Receive Support from New England Biolabs' NEBsolutions® Team

26 Jul 2013

NEBsolutions, a dedicated team of customized reagent and service specialists at New England Biolabs® (NEB), is pleased to offer a suite of reagents and capabilities for molecular diagnostics (MDx) product development, at this year’s Annual Meeting of the American Association of Clinical Chemistry (AACC).

NEB, a leader in the development and production of reagents for the life science industry, provides reagents for a variety of MDx applications, such as sample preparation, PCR, RT-PCR, isothermal amplification, methylation detection, and library preparation for next generation sequencing. By working with the NEBsolutions team, providers gain access to NEB’s high-quality reagents, in addition to direct access to enzymology expertise, supply logistics, custom formulations, packaging, and kit development capabilities.

"NEB has been supplying high-quality reagents to the molecular diagnostics community since 1995," says John Pelletier, Director of NEBsolutions at NEB. "Through the NEBsolutions team, you gain access to NEB’s broad array of resources, including the deep scientific know-how to functionally optimize your product, comprehensive experience in the manufacturing of high-quality products, and extensive experience in supply chain management and risk mitigation. Our quality-by-design approach ensures product performance and consistency that surpass customer needs."

The 2013 AACC meeting takes place July 28th through August 1st, 2013 in Houston, TX. The NEBsolutions team can be found at AACC booth 4463. To enable you to discuss all of your reagent requirements, members of NEB's Quality, Polymerase Development, and Business Development teams will also be available at the booth.