Product News: New Driver for the Kaiser RamanRxn Suite of Analyzers

21 Nov 2011

Symbion Systems, Inc. has announced the release of its SII-K02 second generation driver for the Kaiser Optical Systems, Inc. suite of RamanRxn Systems analyzers. The new driver is designed to function in combination with the latest generation (Version 5.0) of Kaiser instrument control software. It integrates all of the functions of the Kaiser analyzers into Symbion-DX and RX analytical instrument software suites, providing a comprehensive capability for both laboratory development and on-line chemical process analysis. The availability of the full range of Symbion functionality broadens the already substantial capability of Kaiser analyzers by allowing them to operate as autonomous analytical systems for process analytical technology (PAT), provided with complete sample system control, database storage (including store and forward capability), and integral chemometric modeling and prediction.

Symbion-DX and RX provide standardized platforms for controlling a wide range of spectrometers and other analytical instruments. In addition, they feature extensive data manipulation and application development capabilities as well as the ability to communicate with numerous third party programs, and enterprise-wide data systems. Symbion-DX and RX streamline the development of comprehensive analytical methods encompassing instrument and sample system control, data analysis, process trending, database archiving, and reporting to enterprise-wide data systems. Each method is permanently stored in the Symbion database and is under full version control, compliant with 21 CFR Part 11. Once validated, a method can be recalled from the database and downloaded for deployment at multiple instrumentation locations. In short, Symbion-DX /and RX provide all of the instrumentation capabilities required for on-line process analysis and integration into systems for process analytical technology (PAT).