Product News: New DNA Extraction Assay for Laboratory Diagnostics to be Showcased at MEDICA

02 Nov 2012

The requirements to a modern diagnostic laboratory are high. Patients’ samples have to be prepared within a short time with very high quality to ensure prompt and reliable test results. At the same time, laboratories are constrained by budgets for diagnostic tests and reagents.

Astra Biotech is introducing the new Multi DNA Extraction kit for fast manual extraction of patients’ DNA at MEDICA 2012. The ethanol precipitation method used in the kit permits a rapid extraction step.

The pellet is pre-stained and thus clearly visible, making removal of the supernatant more accurate. During manufacturing process chemicals which might compromise analytical results, such as phenols, are avoided.

The product can be used with a broad number of sample types (serum, plasma, epithelial cells, urine, saliva and even dried blood spots). The kit is intended for testing 96 samples and includes all necessary components in ready-to-use form.