Product News: New Blood-Based Screening Test for Colorectal Cancer

30 Oct 2012

CML HealthCare Inc. has announced the introduction of COLOGIC, a new and simple blood test used to assess the risk of colorectal (colon) cancer. Colorectal cancer death is preventable with appropriate screening and treatment with early detection most often leading to a complete recovery. Because most people do not experience any symptoms in the early stages, appropriate screening is critical.

"Colorectal cancer is a completely preventable disease if we screen for it," says gastroenterologist, Dr. Mario Castelli. "And it gets more common as we get older, so that's why the recommendation is, usually starting at the age of 50, that everyone should be screened."

While there are a variety of screening tests available, preparing for them can prove challenging. Often, fasting and other dietary restrictions are required, and patients must collect multiple fecal samples over the course of three days or more. COLOGIC does not require any advance preparation, only the collection of a small blood sample at a CML lab location.

"This is a much simpler test," Dr. Castelli explains. "You just go to the laboratory without any preparation, have a blood sample drawn and the results go to your physician within days."

Experts such as Barry Stein, president of the Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada (CCAC), suggest that preventative screening and early detection can save lives. "Adults should speak with their family physician about the appropriate time for them to be screened for colorectal cancer."

"Now, with several ways to screen for colorectal cancer risk, this very simple colorectal cancer screening test eliminates any excuse for delaying screening," says Dr. Philip Stuart, CML HealthCare, Medical Director.

"In partnership with Phenomenome Discoveries Inc., the inventors of the COLOGIC test, we are pleased to offer a new screening test for colorectal cancer risk that is simple for patients and avoids multiple steps associated with fecal-based screening tests. We'll be thrilled if anything we do to promote COLOGIC leads to increased testing for colorectal cancer. Our message is 'speak to your family doctor and get tested'. We are very proud to be the first clinical lab in the world to offer COLOGIC," adds Thomas Wellner, President and CEO, CML HealthCare.