Product News: New 2900 Advanced Biochemistry Analyzer for Speed and Accuracy

16 Mar 2012

YSI, a Xylem brand, has enhanced its 2300 and 2700 instruments with the release of the new YSI 2900 advanced biochemistry analyzer. With clean lines, a smaller footprint and a host of new features to benefit the operator, the instrument is an ideal combination of YSI’s trusted enzyme electrode technology with everything users would expect. From connectivity and communication to ease-of-use and sample handling, the YSI 2900 analyzer meets or exceeds expectations in every category and is a ‘must have’ for anyone in bioprocess analysis or bacterial fermentation control. Xylem showcased the YSI 2900 and products from its other analytics brands during Pittcon 2012 in Orlando, Florida.

Able to handle the widest range of sample containers, up to and including a 96 well plate, the YSI 2900 produces a result in approximately 60 seconds for glucose, lactate, ethanol and 12 other important bioprocess parameters with accuracy comparable to HPLC. The icon driven user interface and built in training videos make operation simple, while the up-to-date hardware ensures a rapid, highly accurate result with robust sampling of viscous samples or high cell counts. The system’s built-in sample handling capability eliminates the need for a separate autosampler and enhanced connectivity options including USB and Ethernet, ensure fast and straightforward data downloads.

Largely interference-free due to the specificity of YSI’s proprietary enzyme technology, the YSI 2900 adds to the company’s portfolio in the following application areas: critical bioprocess monitoring, biofuel production and research, clinical blood chemistry and food and beverage processing.