Product News: Nanoink Announces The Launch Of A New Automated Platform

20 Jan 2012

The Nano BioDiscovery™ Division of NanoInk®, Inc. announced today the release of a new automated platform for the analysis of its protein NanoArray assays. NanoInk’s NanoArray Assay System™ enables detection, identification, and quantitation of clinically relevant, low abundance proteins from a wide variety of sample types for applications such as biomarker analysis, translational medicine, and toxicology.

NanoInk assays consume much smaller sample and reagent volumes than do traditional ELISA and bead-based assays, generating more proteomic data with less starting material and lowering assay costs for tests that are typically expensive to run.

NanoInk Announces Nanoscale Angiogenesis Array Assay capabilities, the NanoInk platform can achieve sub-picogram sensitivities with 2 μl or less of sample. This is comparable to or better than the sensitivity of ELISA and bead-based assays that require 50 μl or more of sample. NanoInk’s new video demonstrates how the company helps its customers address major proteomic challenges with automated and miniaturized multiplexed NanoArray assays.