Product News: Nanion Acquires the SURFE2R Technology for Transporter Protein Analysis

27 Feb 2012

Nanion Technologies is one of the leading providers of high quality automated patch clamp systems. Nanion’s efficient and versatile products drastically improve the data output in patch clamp-based ion channel screening, safety testing and scientific research. Since 2003, Nanion has launched three automated patch clamp platforms, the Port-a-Patch (2003), the Patchliner (2006), the SyncroPatch 96 (2010), and recently introduced the Orbit 16 – a device for parallel bilayer recordings. Existing products target ion channels and nanopores in cell- and cell-free membranes for highly detailed information about kinetics, function, and compound pharmacology.

Dr. Niels Fertig, CEO of Nanion Technologies, says:
“By acquiring the SURFE2R technology developed by IonGate / Scientific Devices Heidelberg, Nanion enters yet another market segment. It is an excellent addition to our product portfolio and a unique platform since it allows direct measurements of transporter activity and function. Further on, the platform has been validated with a wide variety of membrane preparations ranging from bacteria to native cells and cell lines. With this acquisition, Nanion becomes a one-stop-shop for functional membrane protein analysis, extending its product portfolio from screening instrumentation for ion channels and nanopores to now also include transporter proteins. “

The SURFE2R product line will be launched during the second half of 2012.