Product News: NIGHTSEA to Showcase SFA Stereo Microscope Fluorescence Adapter at ASCB 2013

28 Nov 2013

NIGHTSEA will be showcasing its economical Model SFA Stereo Microscope Fluorescence Adapter system at the 2013 ASCB meeting in New Orleans. The SFA adapts any existing stereo microscope for fluorescence work with no modification to the microscope, and no interference with normal use, at a fraction of the cost of a conventional fluorescence stereo microscope. The SFA is a complete solution, providing excitation with high-intensity LEDs, complementary barrier filters, and a simple mounting adapter. A complete setup with one excitation/emission combination is just under US$1,000, and additional color sets can be added for any time for $495 each. Four excitation/emission combinations are currently available for work with a wide variety of fluorophores. A while light illuminator is also available.

Cell biologists using the system
While cell biologists generally need to image at higher resolutions than you can see in a stereo microscope, researchers are putting SFA systems to good use at all earlier stages of work with fluorescent subjects – screening/sorting fluorescent transgenic specimens, fluorescence-aided injection and dissection, and pre-screening samples for successful fluorescence expression/staining before moving on to a confocal or two-photon microscope. The real proof of a system is in what it enables you to see, and there are numerous example images in the galleries on the NIGHTSEA web site.

Fluorescence in education
The SFA’s price, simplicity, and ruggedness make it ideal for adding fluorescence to multiple low-cost microscopes to support student laboratory courses, and numerous universities have already done this. The SFA is also being used to support education for younger students both in fixed locations and mobile outreach. Ask for a copy of NIGHTSEA’s newest application note describing how the University of Montana’s spectrUM Discovery Area is putting the system to use introducing science to children of all ages.

Demonstrations and prizes
NIGHTSEA will be demonstrating the SFA throughout the show in the Electron Microscopy Sciences booth. At 1030, 1:00 and 3:30 each day the inventor of the SFA will be making a 10-minute presentation on the system with Q&A, after which those present are eligible to win a one-of-a-kind coffee/tea mug with images of fluorescent transgenic mice. You can also enter to win a free one-color SFA system. Just fill in a postcard at the booth describing how you would put the system to use. The lucky winner will be selected at random from the 10 best stories.

The NIGHTSEA laboratory products are distributed by Electron Microscopy Sciences, and you can find us in the EMS booth, #703.