Industry News: HI TEMP 2011 Conference

01 Mar 2011

NETZSCH is pleased to invite you to attend HI TEMP 2011 Conference to be held in Boston, Massachusetts (September 20-22, 2011). HI TEMP 2011 conference is intended to foster discussions and debate regarding the most recent advances in the understanding of hightemperature and the latest developments in experimental studies of high temperature materials, processes, and diagnostics for scientific and technological applications.

The meeting will include presentations of cutting edge results from materials such as, thermoelectric materials, thermal barriers, piezoelectrics, nuclear reactor materials, radioactive waste, high temperature ceramics, catalysts and insulating materials. The latest advances in high temperature characterization methods will be examined with a focus on thermal analysis method.

The meeting includes 10 keynote lectures, and 28 selected contributed lectures as well as 3 poster sessions with 20 - 30 posters each.

Among others, we are proud to welcome: 
?Prof. Terry Tritt (Clemson University)
?Prof. Denis Brosnan (Clemson University)
?Dr. Sylvia Johnson (NASA)
?Prof. George Rossetti (University of Connecticut)
?Dr. Rory Kennedy (Idaho National Laboratories) 
?Prof. David Clarke (HARVARD UNIVERSITY Low thermal conductivity oxides)
?Prof. Alexandra Navrotsky (University of Davis)
?Dr. Ian Saratovsky (Nalco)
?Dr. Laura Smilowitz (Los Alamos National Lab)
?Dr. Juergen Blumm (NETZSCH)

The conference will include oral and poster presentations covering the following topics:

?Materials for energy applications
?Materials for aerospace applications
?Melts, glass and amourphous materials
?Thermal and structural properties measurement in ceramics and thin films
?Processing-property relations in dielectric and piezoelectric ceramics
?Thermoelectric materials
?Ultra-high temperature ceramic (UHTC) multilayer coatings
?Construction materials

More information is available at the HI TEMP 2011 Conference website which can be accessed at