Product News: Learn About the Properties of Elements with New App from Netzsch

22 Jul 2013

This App offers all the important parameters of more than 100 elements and even more than that. For each element a short overview is given. In order to extend your knowledge about the diverse elements you already know from the periodic table of elements, the "Thermal Properties of Elements App" allows you to quickly choose among general and thermal properties.

Get a valuable insight into the Thermal Properties of each single element at only one glance, e.g. about:

• Melting Point
• Heat of Fusion
• Expansion Coefficient
• Thermal Conductivity
• And much more.

Apart from these parameters, the App informs you which methods and what instruments are most apt to fulfill your specific needs. It further leads you to the respective instrument pages where you can find additional information.

The App is available free of charge on Apple’s App Store or on Google’s Play.

Click the company website link to download the Netzsch App.