Product News: Mettler-Toledo to Showcase Enhancements in Due Diligence and Food Safety at Emballage

24 Oct 2012

New rigorous food and pharmaceutical safety standards have come into force in 2012 with more to be introduced over the next few years to safeguard consumer welfare from the threat of foreign body contamination and counterfeit products. At Emballage Packaging Exhibition in Paris, France, from 19th to 22nd November 2012, Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection Division will showcase its innovative solutions to ensure food and pharmaceutical product safety in Hall 5a, booth E029.

At the booth, Mettler-Toledo will demonstrate how its range of x-ray, metal detection, checkweighing and vision inspection technology can enhance contaminant detection and optimise traceability and label inspection. This is important to comply with strict new regulations for food safety and pharmaceutical serialisation, reducing the risk of reputation-damaging product recalls and counterfeit goods, safeguarding consumer welfare.
Mettler-Toledo has recently launched a number of innovations in metal detection and x-ray technology that it will be showcasing at Emballage Packaging Exhibition. These technologies are designed to inspect food and pharmaceutical products for contamination from foreign bodies, including ferrous and non-ferrous metal as well as glass, stone, bone, high-density plastics and rubber. The company has also developed state-of-the-art vision inspection technology to verify whether food and pharmaceutical packaging is labelled in compliance with relevant industry safety standards. This includes ensuring the correct label is applied, as well as bar codes and 2D matrix codes, to enhance track and trace capability. This is important for pharmaceutical products, to help combat the rise in counterfeit drugs. All technologies guarantee the safety of the food and pharmaceutical supply chain.

The newly-launched X3310 x-ray system will be showcased for the first time. This next generation of x-ray technology offers the same level of detection power as traditional x-ray systems with just a fifth of the energy consumption, optimising food safety whilst maximising manufacturing efficiency. The InspireX2 R40C500, an x-ray system specifically for medium- to large-sized packaged products, will also be displayed. This system offers food and pharmaceutical manufacturers high-speed precision foreign body detection and inspection for other quality defects, including fill level, seal integrity and checking for missing items, such as safety leaflets, to further ensure consumer well-being.

Other systems on display at Emballage Packaging Exhibition 2012 include the new Profile Select for enhanced metal detection of wet and conductive products, the XS2 MV checkweigher for pharmaceutical production lines, and ProdX data monitoring software, capable of connecting Mettler-Toledo metal detection, x-ray and checkweighing systems to collect productivity data.