Product News: Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection Demonstrates Protection, Productivity and Quality at interpack 2017

08 Feb 2017

Mettler-Toledo, a market leader in product inspection technology, will present a comprehensive range of solutions and upgrades at interpack 2017 for both the food and pharmaceutical sectors, as well as providing a wealth of technical knowledge via its experts at the stand. Protection, productivity and quality are at the core of Mettler-Toledos product portfolio. The company will demonstrate how focusing on these three principles will help manufacturers to improve processes and increase competitiveness in their markets. Visitors to stand Hall 11, Stand B55 from 4-10 May will be able to discuss their needs and requirements in detail while interacting with the various systems on display. 

Experts will focus on areas such as: improvements to brand protection and compliance, as the regulatory landscapes within food and pharmaceuticals become ever more complex; enhancing productivity and increasing operator efficiency to improve OEE; enhancing product quality through the detection of physical contaminants, ensuring accurate package weights, complete contents and correct labelling; plus, importantly, the safety of workers who operate inspection systems on production lines.

Neil Giles, Marketing Manager at Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection, commented: Mettler-Toledo is committed to support the industries it serves and that is always reflected at interpack. The company has invested a huge amount of time and effort in the preparation of the stand, and every care has been taken to select the most appropriate systems to feature. A wide range of solutions will be present from x-ray and checkweighing to vision inspection and metal detection alongside advance software packages such as ProdX, designed to make integration and data management as straightforward as possible for customers with demanding production schedules.

Mettler-Toledos stand will comprise four operational lines, one for general food, one for dry food, one for wet food and a final line dedicated to pharmaceuticals. All four areas of product inspection technology are represented, with highlights including:

Metal Detection Technology
There are many exciting developments to be showcased at interpack 2017 with regard to metal detection systems. Visitors will be able to try a new Emulation feature based on VNC technology, for example, which allows users to remotely access and control multiple metal detectors via networked mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and other production line equipment. New Reduced Test mode technology is also being showcased. Visitors can see live demonstrations of how this innovative new technology helps reduce the frequency of routine performance monitoring by up to 83%, helping users to increase productivity and significantly reduce costs associated with routine testing. Complementing these enhancements is new technology, which delivers up to 20% better detection sensitivity in high volume, dry applications. Interpack attendees can also see the latest Profile Advantage Pipeline system in action the recirculating demo system shows how this metal detection system overcomes the issues of bubbles and product voids to virtually eliminate false rejects in pipeline applications.     

Mettler-Toledos Checkweighing product line will be in focus at interpack 2017 with the launch of two new systems offering a performance increase of 30 % both developed to further meet the requirements of customers and to offer a full spectrum of options to manufacturers of all sizes in the food and pharma sectors. Terminal sizes vary accordingly and the systems will be available with numerous options in various combinations. Also on display will be an advanced checkweighing and marking system designed for serialization in the pharma industry, which combines ink jet printing and vision verification with highly accurate in-motion weighing and tamper evident sealing. This ensures global traceability and assists with fraud protection and process safety.

Vision Inspection System
A number of vision inspection systems will be incorporated into the four lines present at the Mettler- Toledo stand, covering a wide range of market sectors that deal with packaged products. New systems will be on display that cover top and bottom inspection, 360-degree inspection and that feature brand new camera devices including smart camera options. Aggregation and serialization solutions will also be available to view, which enable manufacturers to meet the requirements of their customers and to remain compliant with current and forthcoming regulations.

X-ray Inspection Technology
A wide range of x-ray inspection systems will be on display at the Mettler-Toledo stand, including a brand new, class-leading glass inspection system from the X-series. The system offers complete inspection of glass jars up to 130mm in diameter at speeds of up to 1200ppm. As with all X-series detection systems, a number of value-add inspection capabilities are also featured such as accurate fill level and vacuum checks.

Inspection Management Software
Data management and the ability to integrate systems easily into existing lines is of paramount importance in modern manufacturing operations. Developments surrounding Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things have started to facilitate a major paradigm shift in various manufacturing industries and Mettler-Toledo has invested heavily in its software solutions - many of which will be available to interact with at stand Hall 11, Stand B55. One such product is an inspection data management software solution that provides seamless integration of product inspection devices. The solution streamlines processes, making them more accessible and more efficient, and allows manufacturers to control the entire product inspection management process from a single point or from multiple remote locations. This eliminates the need for time-consuming production line patrols, allowing operators to focus on more productive tasks.

Mettler-Toledo invites attendees at interpack 2017 to visit stand Hall 11, Stand B55, to discuss individual needs and requirements and to demonstrate how a company with a complete product inspection portfolio can have a very positive impact on manufacturing operations.

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