Product News: 851 Titrando titrator for low level water detection in liquid, solid or gaseous samples

16 Jun 2009

The coulometric Karl Fischer Titration is the method of choice for low level water determinations (10 μg … 10 mg absolute water content) in liquid, solid and gaseous samples. As it is an absolute method a titer determination is not necessary.

With the 851 Titrando coulometric titrations are carried out straightforward and fast including the additional analysis for :

• Bromine index
• Automatic titration start
• Automatic reagent exchange

Bromine index

As a new feature the 851 Titrando offers the possibility to determine the Bromine index coulometrically. The conventional titration cell as well as the generator electrode with diaphragm can also be used for this application. Only the anolyte and the catholyte need to be changed.

Automatic titration start

It happens very fast that the sample is injected into the titration cell without pressing first the start button. In this case the water of the sample is conditioned away and the determination has to be repeated. With the 851 Titrando this won’t happen to you anymore. The instrument recognized the addition of sample and starts the determination automatically. In this way you save not only reagents but also sample and, above all, precious time.

Dosino and Dosing unit

Up to four Dosinos and Dosing units can be attached to the MSB-ports of the Coulometer. In combination with the 851 Titrando these can be used for the addition of sample, water standard or auxiliary solutions like solubilizers. Furthermore the reagent exchange can be automated, which means that the titration cell does not need to be opened and subsequently no humidity can enter the cell. Long conditioning times after a reagent exchange can thus be avoided.

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