Product News: 2010 analytica Forums Focus on the Latest Hot Topics

15 Mar 2010

The extensive program of related events at analytica 2010, which is being held in Munich from March 23 – 26, 2010, includes the "Forum Laboratory & Analytics " in Hall B2 and the new "Forum Biotech" in Hall A3. The former focuses on reports based on actual practice and discussions about the latest applications and marketable products in the laboratory and analysis sector.

Among other things, topics include microscopy, quality control, nanomaterials and consumer protection. The new Forum Biotech revolves around user reports and lectures on innovative products and techniques in the life sciences. It also features expert presentations and panel discussions on the latest hot topics including industrial biotechnology and personalized medicine. Both forums are being organized in close cooperation with "GIT Verlag".

For four days, the forums at analytica 2010, which are open to the public, will be a central platform for best-practice presentations and panel discussions. Experts will report on know-how gained in actual practice, which participants can then put to practical use. Dr. Margareta Dellert-Ritter, Editor in Chief at GIT, is in charge of content for both forums. "The range of topics at the analytica forums is extensive and reflects the latest trends in the laboratory technology, analysis and biotechnology sectors. They give visitors valuable practical tips from experts that they can put to use in their own practical applications. I am particularly pleased that, thanks to the Forum Biotech, analytica now has its own platform for the life sciences."

Forum Biotech: Premiere in Hall A3
The Forum Biotech in Hall A3 is celebrating its premiere in 2010. Certain portions of the program of events will deal with specific themes such as bioanalysis and bioprocess technology, tissue engineering and the future potential of red, green, and blue biotechnology. Wednesday afternoon will revolve entirely around personalized medicine. In the future, it will be possible to "customize" medications to the respective patient's individual needs based on genetic analyses. Doing so will minimize side effects and make treatment more effective. The presentations and discussions at the Forum Biotech will focus on technical solutions that make new methods possible in diagnostics and medical biotechnology. For example, a completely automatic analysis platform is being presented that uses biopsy samples to determine a medication's effectiveness on cancer patients. At 2 p.m., an Executive Round Table with a panel of prominent speakers will examine the risks and opportunities as well as the social and ethical implications of personalized medicine. Experts from the industrial and research sectors will participate in the discussion on the afternoon of March 24.

Focus Day: Industrial Biotechnology
On Thursday, March 25, the second-to-last day of the fair, the Forum Biotech will revolve entirely around industrial biotechnology, which is the focus of increased attention at analytica. As a key technology of the 21st century, its importance continues to increase because biotech methods have become indispensible in many industrial processes. At the focus day, which is being organized by BIOCOM Verlag, five German clusters including the Biokatalyse 2021 cluster and the CLIB 2021 cluster will present their research findings. The topics they will deal with include metabolic engineering, the potential of synthetic genes and application prospects in large-scale industry. The various technical requirements and prospects along the industrial biotechnology value chain will also be examined. A complete focus-day agenda is available in the analytica event database.

Friday is Finance Day
New and experienced life-science entrepreneurs and investors will have a chance to meet on the second Finance Day in the Forum Biotech (Hall A3) on Friday, March 26. The program for this information event, which is being organized by GoingPublic Media AG, examines the latest financing trends related to biotechnology. Topics will range from early-phase financing in times of economic crisis to venture capital for life-science companies to market opportunities for white biotechnology and the capital market's implications for biotech and life-science companies. The Finance Day agenda is also available online in the event database for analytica.

Forum Laboratory & Analytics – Everything for the laboratory
The Forum Laboratory & Analytics in Hall B2 features exhibitor presentations and panel discussion on forward-looking topics in the laboratory-technology and analysis sectors such as the latest spectroscopy and microscopy techniques. For example, advances in automated sample preparation are being presented that use miniaturization and software support to improve analysis efficiency and quality. Modern Raman spectroscopy also has a great deal of potential to offer in various application sectors. Among other things, it makes it possible to obtain specific molecular information from proteins. The topics discussed at the Forum Laboratory & Analytics will include Raman spectroscopy as well as spectroscopic ellipsometry. This non-destructive, contact-free optical measuring technique makes it possible to continuously monitor whether components are functioning properly in thin-film technology where, among other things, thin films of organic materials are used. Among other things, the presentation will show how this new method can be put to advantageous use in photovoltaics and lighting and display technology.

The forum will also examine the latest analysis trends, covering everything from research to consumer protection. Presentations will deal with a number of topics including a new pore technology for identifying nanoparticles, how so-called "optical thermophoresis" is used in drug research in the pharma industry and a new biosensor microarray platform for the rapid quality control of milk. Another topic includes field-flow fractionation, a new technique that can be used to separate nanoparticles as well as proteins and polymers—and with a higher resolution than chromatography.
Representatives of various companies and organizations exhibiting at a joint exhibit known as "Bayern Innovativ" (Hall A3, Stand 261/360 ) will make presentations on the topic of analysis in biomedicine and drug research. Among other things, they will deal with nanotechnology, as mentioned above, as well as RNA interference tests for functional gene analysis. The "Bayern Innovativ/Cluster Biotechnologie Bayern" joint exhibit, which has some 200 m² of exhibition space, is being sponsored by the Bavarian State Ministry of Economy, Infrastructure, Transport and Technologies. It was developed and organized by Bayern Innovativ GmbH and the Bio-M Biotech Cluster Development GmbH, the coordinating office of Cluster Biotechnologie Bayern.

The complete agenda for the analytica Forums is available in the event database at the Company article page top right of this page.