Industry News: MEDICA MEDIA – the Electronic Health Card continues to create a stir at MEDICA 2007

07 Aug 2007

Programme announcements for MEDICA MEDIA 2007, the Forum for Telemedicine, held in conjunction with MEDICA (14th – 17th November), are now available on the website under the link Special Shows & Forums. In Hall 16 at Düsseldorf, more than 120 presenters will provide a comprehensive overview of the current and future-oriented developments of telematics in the health care sector.

On Wednesday, 14th November, the main topic relates to the electronic health card, healing professions and professional ID cards, as well as “care research”. The topic “Care Research on the Upswing” is headed by Professor Dr. Rainer Riedel (University of Applied Sciences), course leader of Medical Economics at the University of Applied Sciences in Cologne.

Against a backdrop of protests, particularly from physicians, the health card is already a hot topic. At the AGM of the German Medical Association, members voted against the introduction of the electronic health card in the form shown up until May 2007. Nevertheless, model projects have been carried out. Dr. Franz-Joseph Bartmann, Chairman of the Telematics Committee of the German Medical Association and special advisor of MEDICA MEDIA is chairing the event section “Health Card“ with a final panel discussion on this controversial topic.

In addition, MEDICA itself will focus on the topic of the health card. Visitors may use the “health card route” to find information on all events and exhibitors. The final event of MEDICA MEDIA, on Saturday, 17th November 2007, will be a public discussion between proponents and opponents of the health card from among the many physicians taking part.

Thursday, 15th November 2007 focuses on telediagnostics across all sections of MEDICA. Chaired by Prof. Dr. Hans-Fred Weiser, President of the German Association of Senior Hospital Physicians, Düsseldorf, and special advisor of MEDICA MEDIA, telediagnostics and its new developments (ultrasound, gene analysis, imaging and endoscopy) will be discussed. The discussion will specifically answer the question how physicians can access diagnostic support regardless of their locations. The use of telediagnostics will be demonstrated using a clinic as an example, and perspectives of clinical associations will also be discussed.

On Friday, 16th November 2007, Prof. Dr. Werner A. Scherbaum, President of the Association for Interdisciplinary Medicine and a Director of the Clinic for Endocrinology, Diabetology and Rheumatology of the University Hospital of Düsseldorf, Prof. Dr. Michael Nervlich, Head of the Trauma Surgery Department of the University Hospital of Regensburg and Prof. Dr. Otto Rienhoff, Head of the Medical Informatics Department of the University of Göttingen, will discuss “Physicians and Telemedicine in a Globalised World”. The talk will show that globalisation can provide an opportunity for the improvement of the quality of medical services.

On Saturday, 17th November 2007, talks and practical demonstrations will focus on the opportunities provided by the knowledge and technology transfer between hospitals as well as telediagnostics.

Further information on MEDICA 2007, the MEDICA Congress and MEDICA MEDIA, as well as the product ranges of around 4,200 exhibitors from 65 countries can be found on the article webpage.