Product News: New Range of Muffle Furnaces from MEDLINE SCIENTIFIC Provide Rapid and Uniform Bench Top Heating

01 May 2013

A new range of 1200ºc muffle furnaces which provide rapid and uniform heating in a compact, space-saving bench top unit, have been introduced by laboratory equipment specialists MEDLINE SCIENTIFIC. The furnaces are available in chamber sizes ranging from 5.2 up to 20 liters so there is a model which will suit the wide range of workloads typically required for most laboratory heating applications. For example; quality control testing, ashing, heat treatment, preheating, melting, metallurgical research and sample production.

The inner chamber walls are constructed using insulated fire bricks which provide optimum insulation as well as protection against mechanical abrasion, thermal ageing and deformation. A uniform temperature spread is achieved as the heating elements are located on both the sides and the top of the chamber and they are partially recessed and embedded in quartz sleeves. This, combined with a standard thickness of the inner chamber material, ensures additional protection and enhances uniform heating of the chamber.

The modular design of the inner chamber means it can be easily removed and replaced when required within 30 minutes, while its double skinned construction ensures that the outer casing remains cool to touch, even after prolonged operation.

Other features include a PID controller located on the top of the chamber to facilitate easy viewing and programming during operation and adjustable feet to enable leveling of the unit should bench top surfaces be uneven.