Product News: New Sodium Analyzer from METTLER TOLEDO for Simple, Accurate and Affordable Sodium Analysis

19 Mar 2014

Knowing the salt content in food products is important not only for taste, but also for health and to comply with recognized standards. By directly measuring the harmful sodium concentrations rather than chloride levels, METTLER TOLEDO's new Sodium Analyzer provides simple, fast and accurate results, in food laboratories and manufacturing processes.

It is well-known that a diet high in salt can lead to high blood pressure. In fact, the World Health Authority (WHO) has published data showing that high blood pressure is the number one health-risk factor in Europe. Hence, food producers need to declare and, often, reduce the levels of salt (sodium chloride) in their products.

Current methods of measuring salt content often determine only chloride levels, which can lead to inaccurate sodium measurements due to the presence of other chloride compounds in addition to sodium chloride (NaCl). Alternatively, they require large, complex instruments and high levels of analytical expertise. In order to help food producers determine, simply and accurately, the levels of sodium in their products, METTLER TOLEDO has developed the Sodium Analyzer which specifically measures the concentration of sodium.

Eliminating the need for complex instruments

The Sodium Analyzer eliminates the need for complex instruments. It uses integrated and dedicated sodium (Na+) evaluation algorithm to deliver highly accurate and repeatable results that are comparable to those achieved using more complex analytical techniques for sodium analysis. Because the sodium ions are measured directly, the Sodium Analyzer provides fast and accurate results, which are not compromised by the presence of other chloride compounds.

Reducing investment and operating costs

Thanks to easy sample preparation and no calibration tasks, operator time is reduced. The required standards and reagents are also cheaper and safer. Therefore, the Sodium Analyzer reduces both the initial investment and the operating costs of the analysis.