Product News: NEW CHROMAFIL® Xtra disposable filter

10 Oct 2008

CHROMAFIL® Xtra filters are ideal for GC, HPLC and UHPLC sample purification and are labelled for method validation and certification. The range of CHROMAFIL® disposable filters has now been enlarged by the new CHROMAFIL® Xtra filters, a range of 25 mm diameter filters with different membranes.

Special features of all CHROMAFIL® Xtra filters:

- Different membrane types to meet multiple filtration needs
- Labelled with membrane type and pore size for method validation and certification
- Low levels of extractable compounds ensure reliable analyses
- Superior chromatography column protection helps extend column life
- Fast flow geometry for easy and faster filtration
- Low hold-up volume for maximum filtrate recovery
- HPLC certified for reliable quality
- Designed to be compatible for use with SOTAX dissolution systems

CHROMAFIL® filters are tested and inspected to provide high quality syringe filters.