Product News: CHROMABOND® HR-XC – the new mixed-mode SPE-phase for basic analytes

23 Jun 2008

MACHEREY-NAGEL the leading European SPE manufacture introduces a new material for solid phase extraction.

This innovative polymer-based strong cation exchanger with remarkable reversed-phase properties is ideal for enrichment of basic compounds. The modern support polymer offers an optimised pore structure and high specific surface. Good reproducibility as well as reliable and cost-efficient analysis are achieved.

The mixed-mode phase allows the possibility for more aggressive washing procedures for matrix removal resulting in cleaner samples and protection of subsequently used HPLC or GC-machines and columns. So quantification of analytes even from heavily contaminated samples can be obtained realising lower limits of detection also for critical matrices like urine or plasma.

CHROMABOND® HR-XC from MACHEREY-NAGEL is the perfect fit for basic analytes in combination with pure PR-phases like CHROMABOND® HR-X.