Product News: 1.8 µm Particle Size - Increase in HPLC Separation Efficiency

11 May 2007

MACHEREY-NAGEL, the manufacturer of NUCLEOSIL® and NUCLEODUR®, one of the leading companies for chromatography products, introduces the new NUCLEODUR® 1.8 µm particles!

Miniaturization in HPLC has a long history. With the introduction of the new 1.8 µm NUCLEODUR® particles now researchers have turned over a new leaf in HPLC column technology.

Features of 1.8 µm NUCLEODUR® silica particles:
  • Increase of separation efficiency by higher number of theoretical plates (N):
    Increase of the plate number by app. 67% offers the possibility of using shorter columns with equal plate numbers resulting in a decrease of analysis time.
  • Significant improvement in resolution
    Use of 1.8 µm instead of 3 µm particles leads to an increase of resolution by a factor 1.29 (29%).
  • Column back pressure
    Due to the smaller particle size the back pressure will increase. Because of the high sphericity of the NUCLEODUR® particles and the very narrow particle size distribution we were able to keep the back pressure on a moderate level.
  • Higher flow rates and shorter run times
    optimal flow rate for 1.8 µm particles is higher than for 3 and 5 µm particles and through this, the analysis time can be reduced.

Currently all NUCLEODUR® premium phases (C18 Gravity, C8 Gravity, C18 Isis, C18 Pyramid, Sphinx RP) are available in 1.8 µm.

Further information can be found on the article webpage.