Product News: Luminex® xMAP® Technology Featured in Several New Publications

10 May 2013

Luminex® xMAP® Technology has become an indispensable tool for thousands of life science researchers. The Luminex bibliography, which includes hyperlinks to the PubMed citation, helps you stay current with the success that your scientific peers are having while using xMAP® Technology. The bibliography contains a list of over 16,000 publications that use Luminex technology.

New publications featuring xMAP Technology include:

Inflammation/Cytokine Profiling
Anbarasu, D., Raja, C. P.,Raja, A., (2013) Multiplex Analysis of Cytokines/Chemokines as Biomarkers That Differentiate Healthy Contacts from Tuberculosis Patients in High Endemic Settings. Cytokine 61:747 - 754.

Infectious Disease
Payne, D. C., Vinje, J., Szilagyi, P. G., Edwards, K. M., Staat, M. A., Weinberg, G. A., Hall, C. B., Chappell, J., Bernstein, D. I., Curns, A. T., Wikswo, M., Shirley, S. H., Hall, A. J., Lopman, B.,Parashar, U. D., (2013) Norovirus and Medically Attended Gastroenteritis in U.S. Children. New England Journal of Medicine 368:1121 - 1130.

Castro, F., Dirks, W. G., Faehnrich, S., Hotz-Wagenblatt, A., Pawlita, M.,Schmitt, M., (2013) High-Throughput SNP-Based Authentication of Human Cell Lines. International Journal of Cancer 132:308 - 314.

van Alewijk, D., Kleter, B., Vent, M., Delroisse, J. M., de Koning, M., van Doorn, L. J., Quint, W.,Colau, B., (2013) A Human Papilloma Virus Testing Algorithm Comprising a Combination of the L1 Broad-Spectrum Spf(10) PCR Assay and a Novel E6 High-Risk Multiplex Type-Specific Genotyping PCR Assay. Journal of Clinical Microbiology 51:1171 - 1178.

Cancer Marker Profiling
Daly, S., Rinewalt, D., Fhied, C., Basu, S., Mahon, B., Liptay, M. J., Hong, E., Chmielewski, G., Yoder, M. A., Shah, P. N., Edell, E. S., Maldonado, F., Bungum, A. O.,Borgia, J. A., (2013) Development and Validation of a Plasma Biomarker Panel for Discerning Clinical Significance of Indeterminate Pulmonary Nodules. Journal of Thoracic Oncology 8:31 - 36.

Vaccine Development
Marshall, H. S., Richmond, P. C., Nissen, M. D., Wouters, A., Baber, J., Jiang, Q., Anderson, A. S., Jones, T. R., Harris, S. L., Jansen, K. U.,Perez, J. L., (2013) A Phase 2 Open-Label Safety and Immunogenicity Study of a Meningococcal B Bivalent Rlp2086 Vaccine in Healthy Adults. Vaccine 31:1569 - 1575.

Food Testing
Guo, Y. R., Tian, J., Liang, C. Z., Zhu, G. N.,Gui, W. J., (2013) Multiplex Bead-Array Competitive Immunoassay for Simultaneous Detection of Three Pesticides in Vegetables. Microchimica Acta 180:387 - 395.

A complete list of publications can be viewed by clicking here