Product News: Lumen Dynamics Introduces the New X-Cite® 120LED Bringing a Whole New Perspective to LED Fluorescence Illumination

31 Jul 2013

Lumen Dynamics, a world leader in light delivery technologies, expands the X-Cite® LED illumination product line with the new X-Cite® 120LED for fluorescence microscopy. Catering to a wide range of fluorophores and fluorescent proteins, X-Cite® 120LED delivers superior optical power and exceptional field uniformity at the specimen level with the broadest spectrum of fluorescence excitation ranging from 370-700nm.

“The X-Cite® 120LED provides accurate FRET measurements and works well with all of our fluorophores,” confirmed Dr. Ammasi Periasamy, W.M. Keck Center for Cellular Imaging, University of Virginia, USA. “We find it bright, uniform and easy to use.”

X-Cite® 120LED brings a whole new perspective to LED illumination with its innovative thermal management design allowing direct coupling to the microscope for maximum power without adding mechanical vibration. An electronic shutter provides fast, sub-millisecond operation enabling extreme precision in vibration-sensitive imaging experiments. Featuring multiple control options for greatest flexibility, 120LED offers complete automation for multi-day time-lapse experiments and simple ergonomic manual control via speedDIAL.

“X-Cite® 120LED represents a technology breakthrough in fluorescence illumination that provides researchers with a powerful LED solution suitable for fluorescence microscopy,” stated Jeff Harris, Director of Product Management for Life Science. “Built on the strengths of our current X-Cite® light solutions, we have combined superior optical performance with the added benefits of LED technology to offer an extraordinary illumination solution with no compromises.”

The instant LED on/off capability minimizes photobleaching and phototoxicity while offering ultra-fast PC control and TTL triggering. With zero mercury disposal and low energy consumption, 120LED is a highly efficient, environmentally-friendly solution that can adapt to any system configuration including microscopes from all major manufacturers. With LEDs rated to 25,000 hours and no lamps or modules to replace, X-Cite® 120LED brings sheer simplicity and convenience to laboratories around the world letting researchers focus on their experiments instead of equipment maintenance.

“The X-Cite® 120LED is among the most exciting innovations in the company’s product portfolio and yet another representation of our on-going commitment to bring enabling technologies to the research community,” said Karim Kanji, President and CEO of Lumen Dynamics “We continue to push the boundaries of innovation while leveraging our expertise in light applications to provide superior fluorescence illumination solutions that best cater to the needs of researchers and their applications.”