Product News: New PrenaTest®express Allows Pregnant Women at Risk to Receive Test Results Within One Week

02 Oct 2013

With the new PrenaTest®express, LifeCodexx is able to reduce the waiting times for expectant mothers at risk for the test results to a maximum of one week. The PrenaTest®express is the innovative extension of the PrenaTest®, Europe's first non-invasive molecular genetic blood test to determine fetal trisomies 13, 18 and 21 in the mother's blood.

By using the latest technology for genetic analysis, LifeCodexx can determine a test result within one week and hence cut the stressful waiting time in half. If the deadline is not met, the pregnant woman may cancel the blood test at no cost. The PrenaTest®express is initially only available in Germany and, after a pilot phase, will be introduced in other European countries, too.

PrenaTest®express as well as PrenaTest® are exclusively for pregnant women who are in the finished ninth week of pregnancy or later and are at risk of fetal trisomies in the unborn child. Furthermore, in Germany, women opting for the PrenaTest® will need to take unbiased information and genetic counseling.

"With the new express option of PrenaTest®, in principle it is now possible that the doctor takes the blood for the test on a Monday and informs the patient about the test result on Friday in the same week," commented Dr. Michael Lutz, CEO of LifeCodexx AG, the systematic further development of the PrenaTest®. "The introduction of the new PrenaTest®express demonstrates our innovation leadership in the dynamic field of non-invasive prenatal diagnosis."

The analysis of both blood tests, PrenaTest® and PrenaTest®express, is exclusively performed in Germany and in strict adherence to the high quality standards persuant to the European In Vitro Diagnostic Directive. To date, about 6,000 women have decided for PrenaTest®. Less than 0.2 per cent of all samples could not be successfully analysed despite the requested repeat test. Several statutory as well as private health insurance funds in several countries already cover the costs for the analysis. PrenaTest® is available in numerous countries in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.