Product News: Life Technologies Offers New Rapid DNA Platform

07 May 2013

As the global market leader in human identification, Life Technologies Corporation announced today it signed a global exclusive agreement with LGC Forensics for the right to distribute ParaDNA®, a portable rapid DNA system that determines the quality of human DNA faster and more economically than any existing method. This announcement is the second in a series of new Rapid DNA products the company will introduce to expand the landscape beyond traditional Rapid DNA systems.

Life Technologies launched its portfolio of Rapid DNA products with GlobalFiler™, which is used to dramatically reduce the time to process samples within forensic laboratories. Rapid DNA emerging technology platforms enable samples to be identified in real-time and also at the crime scene or location other than the centralized processing laboratory. This capability allows law enforcement professionals around the globe to make informed decisions more quickly and economically.

ParaDNA is an easy-to-use, high-speed DNA testing system that allows onsite rapid identification of samples suitable to submit for more detailed analysis. The system helps reduce laboratory backlogs and turnaround times for processing, so investigators can focus their attention on samples most likely to generate a genetic profile.

"ParaDNA is the latest among a series of innovative products available from Life Technologies that will revolutionize — through speed and simplicity — the way law enforcement and labs process DNA samples," said Nadia Altomare, head of the Human Identification business for Life Technologies. "We are excited to be leading the path toward faster and decentralized DNA analysis. ParaDNA, along with GlobalFiler, are the first such products to provide this real-time testing to customers."

How ParaDNA Works
Samples obtained at a crime scene are tested within a closed system to reduce cross contamination. Within 75 minutes, the ParaDNA system indicates whether samples contain a useable DNA profile.

"We know that DNA profiling can help establish whether or not there is a link between a suspect and a crime," said Mark Dearden, Business Unit Director of ParaDNA for LGC Forensics. "ParaDNA enables a quick and simple, on-the-spot, presumptive DNA screen to complement submissions policies — and could save significant time and cost in the investigative process. We are delighted that this partnership with Life Technologies will allow us to 'fast-forward' those samples most likely to be informative, by placing the technology straight in the hands of investigators."