Product News: The Novel FLoid™ Cell Imaging Station for Fast Verification of Labeled Cells

29 Nov 2011

Life Technologies Corporation today launched the FLoid™ Cell Imaging Station a revolutionary platform designed to eliminate the need for fluorescence microscopy, making it accessible to all scientists, regardless of technical expertise. A high-quality image can be captured in less than five minutes and printed directly from the platform's printer or downloaded and e-mailed to serve as supporting documentation for users' research.

At one-third the cost of traditional instrumentation, the FLoid™ Cell Imaging Station is a fully integrated bench top instrument designed with an intuitive user interface that enables quick detection and verification of fluorescently labeled cells with just a few clicks of the mouse, all without compromising image quality.

"In a field that has evolved toward developing increasingly more sophisticated, complex and expensive instruments, the FLoid™ Cell Imaging Station is the first system that takes the opposite approach to make fluorescent cell imaging simple and highly efficient without compromising quality," said Peter Dansky , president of Molecular and Cell Biology at Life Technologies. "FLoid does away with the intimidation factor associated with traditional instruments so that scientists can capture and document biological events in their cells at a speed and ease not possible until now."

For more information about this new technology, please view the company article page.