Product News: Leica Announces New Integrated Solutions for Capturing, Managing, and Analyzing Virtual Data

07 Sep 2010

With the software solutions Ariol and SlidePath, Leica Microsystems now adds the ability to store, manage, analyze, and report on digital images created with the Leica SCN400 Slide Scanner or the Leica DM6000 B Research Microscope.

High throughput solution for in vitro diagnostics: Ariol on the Leica SCN400
Combining Ariol with the Leica SCN400 Slide Scanner provides a complete solution for laboratories dealing with a high volume of slides. The product is a high throughput solution for biomarker assessment. Ariol on Leica SCN400 combines leading scanning technology with advanced analysis experience, giving the customer the good feeling to get the best product in all respects. From sample to result, Leica Microsystems is striving to provide the total histology solution and be the pathologist’s integrated partner in every step of the process.

Web-enabled image handling and e-learning: SlidePath on the Leica SCN400
SlidePath software on the Leica SCN400 Slide Scanner opens the world of image and data handling in a flexible and powerful web-enabled solution. With the Digital Image Hub (DIH) module from SlidePath, Leica Microsystems provides the complete end-to-end solution for virtual microscopy, especially optimized to provide rapid whole slide imaging coupled with an online management solution that can handle multiple formats including DICOM and other standard imaging formats. DIH is also designed for use in research under the guideline of regulatory bodies, such as preclinical research or toxicological studies, which profit from multiple features especially designed for this customer group. Furthermore, DIH can be combined with diverse specialized software modules from SlidePath, such as a special module for TMA management – called OpTMA – or the Digital SlideBox, which provides tools for e-learning.

Pathology workstation for in vitro diagnostics: Ariol on the Leica DM6000 B
The in vitro diagnostics software Ariol on the Leica DM6000 B Research Microscope creates a perfect pathology workstation for the assessment of clinical brightfield and fluorescent biomarkers. The system integrates seamlessly into the pathologist’s workflow with the means to digitize whole slides or regions of interest. With this solution customers enter the world of Virtual Microscopy while staying with the highest possible flexibility in terms of hardware configurations.

Research workstation for fluorescent capture and analysis: Ariol on the Leica DM6000 B
Centered on the Leica DM6000 B, the Ariol platform provides the complete solution for capturing, re-viewing, and analyzing tissue slides labeled with fluorescent markers. TMA as well as full tissue sec-tions can be captured and analyzed with multiple markers and multiple planes. The powerful analysis tool combined with the versatile hardware creates an ideal workstation for researchers in advanced approaches to fluorescent capturing.