Product News: Confocal Knowledge at a Glance, Leica Microsystems’ App on Confocal Microscopy Available for iPad

29 Jul 2014

Leica Microsystems launched the “Confocal” iPad app, which introduces researchers and students of the life sciences to confocal methods and technologies, and provides a bandwidth of articles that ranges from basic knowledge to advanced applications. It also serves as a compact source for product information. The app is interactively linked to Leica Science Lab and Leica Microsystems’ homepage. It is available for free download via the Apple App Store.

Articles are accessible via tiles and illustrated with application images and videos. “At present, researchers can find articles on basic confocal microscopy techniques, the functionality of STED microscopy, multiphoton imaging, tissue clearing with CLARITY, and super-sensitive hybrid detectors. We will regularly complement the app with further articles of topics that will help researchers in their day-to-day work”, says Dr. Bernd Sägmüller, Director Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy at Leica Microsystems. The app also contains a regularly updated event calendar.

Image caption: Leica Microsystems’ “Confocal” app offers interesting and helpful articles on confocal technologies and methodologies as well as products.