Product News: Dumatherm Represents the One and Only Rapid Nitrogen Determination Process

31 Jan 2013

Gerhardt is setting a new standard in rapid Nitrogen Determination (Dumas method) process in-troducing the Dumatherm. This new system is designed to make the process run fast, precisely and be cost efficient, all while being resource saving. It runs perfect results for applications that have low nitrogen content because of the helium technology and total gas analysis. Lab Synergy will be displaying the Dumatherm during the Pittcon 2013 Exposition at booth #2451.

Processing samples at a fast speed is one of the highlighting features because it was designed with a increased start up time taking only about 30 minutes when either completely turned off or on stand-by mode.

This instrument works well as both a pneumatic and manual sampler, making this unit capable of running both large and small quantities of samples. To make this possible an automatic sample loader is available increasing the capacity of samples the unit can run from 40 or 80 to 120 positions. To run small quantities a manual and cost effective sampler is also available.

The Dumatherm is perfect for the analytical testing of protein determination and nitrogen determination. There is a wide range of applications this instrument can be used for starting with grain, eggs, milk, meat, animal feed, starch, malt, wheat, soil, water, urine, pulp, paper, petroleum, tobacco and many more.

Equipped with Dumatherm Manager, modern controlling software de¬signed specifically for the Dumatherm, operates and controls the unit via a PC. The Dumatherm runs entirely on Dumatherm Manager, if an issue may occur the software is designed to display error messages or end the analysis if there are any problems while running the test. This feature decreases the amount of manpower it usually would re¬quire to run analysis. Three highlighting features this program is ca¬pable are analyze results, calibrates the thermal conductivity detec¬tor and interprets all analysis data and measuring results.