New WHEATON Ramboldi™ Primary Urine Collection Tubes
21 Mar 2014

The analysis of urine samples is a common, non invasive method for initial patient screening. Historically collection of samples has been through the issue of 30ml containers to the patient. Whilst this is fine for on-the-spot dip-stick analysis of the sample, a more in depth analysis is more often being performed by clinical chemistry and microbiology laboratories using automated analyzers.

This results in the sample having to be decanted into tubes to fit the analyzer racks which can often be messy, cause contamination and takes up valuable time.

So what’s the answer....?

WHEATON Ramboldi™ Primary Urine Collection Tubes

These 16 x 100mm round bottom tubes fit directly into the analyzer racks for immediate analysis. The tubes are supplied with a collection cup for the patient’s comfort during sample collection and for them to easily transfer the sample to the tube.

Manufactured from virgin polystyrene the tubes have a capacity of 11ml and are fitted with a leak proof screw cap for ease of transporting and storage of the sample. The tubes are suitable for use with all major automated urinalysis systems.

Key Points / Highlights:

• Ideal for use with automated urine analysis machines
• Removes the need for unnecessary decanting of sample in the laboratory
• Printed label for patient details
• Option of plain tube or pre-dosed with boric acid
• Collection cup supplied with all tube options
• Supplied sterile

“We are excited to be meeting the demands of the clinical market as its requirements change. These product packs provide a safe and clean solution for laboratory analysis staff whilst still being a simple sample collection option for patients” says Sara Yohn, Marketing Manager of WHEATON UK.

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