Product News: Extend Stability & Reduce Immunoassay Manufacturing Costs with Optimized BSA-free Stabilizers for Antigens, Antibodies, Conjugates and Plates

18 Jul 2011

Kem-En-Tec offers a versatile range of Conjugate Stabilizers for HRP or AP that improve enzymatic activity and maintain protein conformation in high dilutions for an extended period of time at 4°C.

The cost of producing a pre-coated ELISA plate is greatly reduced with a One-step Plate Blocker and Stabilizer. This reagent eliminates ALL the washing steps associated with the standard plate coating/blocking process. In addition, the assay sensitivity and CV% are improved. Optionally, the reagent is available colored orange which allows for the finished pre-coated plate to be orange.

A Protein Stabilizer offers superior stabilization of pre-diluted standards and controls thus allowing for all the kit components to be offered in a ready-to-use form.

All these Stabilizers are free of BSA and toxic additives.

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