Product News: More than a mixer...

30 Jul 2007

You strive to improve the sensitivity of your gradient HPLC system, you want to improve mixing performance, or you would like to run micro or nano HPLC applications with only a minimal investment? Knauer’s new SmartMix static mixer, to be presented at ACS Fall Expo 2007, can help you achieve all this!
  • The SmartMix is a patent-pending static mixing chamber, designed to improve the gradient performance of most HPLC systems. It can be used for flow rates of 1 µl/min up to 2.0 ml/min. SmartMix outperforms even some dynamic mixers and can be used in high-pressure as well as low-pressure gradient HPLC systems. The SmartMix also features an integrated eluent filter.

The company will also be exhibiting at their booth...

  • Knauer’s recently expanded line of polysaccharide-based chiral stationary phases (CSP) to solve almost any chiral separation task. The cellulose-based Eurocel and the amylose-based Europak columns are available in for analytical and preparative HPLC and offer excellent enantioselectivity, outstanding eluent flexibility, high loadability, and stable performance.

Knauer will also be presenting its Smartline HPLC systems for analytical to semi-prep applications including:

  • The Smartline Oven 4000, Knauer’s new column thermostat featuring microprocessor-controlled contact heating and thermostatting of the mobile phase at the column inlet and cooling at the outlet.
  • The Smartline Assistant, a multi-purpose HPLC module is available in a variety of configurations and can even be built-to-order which your choice of Knauer switching valves, one or more high pressure feed pumps and even a UV detector for a variety of uses such as sample injection, solid phase extraction, column switching, and fraction collection. The Smartline Assistant fits perfectly into Knauer’s HPLC and preparative HPLC tower systems.

The small footprint Prepline HPLC for automated value product purification rounds out the instruments on display.

Look out for Knauer's presentations in Boston, visit their booth 502/504, or click the "Article webpage" link above.