Product News: JULABO Presents Recirculating Coolers with Cooling Capacities up to 20 kW

21 Jan 2010

The JULABO range of the recirculating coolers now has more models with higher performance. The FL series now includes models with cooling capacities up to 20 kW. These powerful instruments are designed to save space and are qualified for demanding cooling applications in laboratories and industry.

Air or water cooled recirculating coolers provide the ideal solution for many applications. The PID control achieves a temperature stability of ±0.5°C with a working temperature range from -20°C to 40°C. The fluid pump supplies a maximum pressure of 6 bar equating to a flow rate of 80 l/min. The splash-proof key pad of the new instruments is easy to clean and features a bright LED temperature display. An additional RS232 interface and an alarm output are installed in the front. Not only do both types of recirculating coolers lower the temperature but also operational costs. They save expensive tap water which is normally used for heat dissipation from analysis and measuring devices. The purchase price is quickly amortized and while supporting the responsible use of natural resources.