Product News: New NanoWizard®3 NanoOptics AFM System

05 Oct 2011

JPK Instruments continues to expand its range of research systems with the introduction of the NanoWizard®3 NanoOptics AFM system.

The NanoWizard NanoOptics head comes with good physical and optical access to the sample from top and bottom as well as from front and side, even when the head and condenser are in place. Additionally, it has an integrated port for fiber SNOM applications.

The new system can be used for a broad range of applications from nanoscale optical imaging by aperture and scattering-type SNOM to experiments involving interactions of light with the sample such as absorption, excitation, nonlinear effects and quenching. These include aperture fiber SNOM experiments where an integrated fiber SNOM port in the NanoOptics head and the tuning fork module allows hassle-free integration of techniques.

The NanoWizard®3 NanoOptics AFM can be used in a large number of configurations. The AFM system can be used for many more applications. It is also possible to interface and run different heads such as the ForceRobot®300 and the CellHesion®200 or to use the TopViewOptics™.