Product News: JASCO’s New FP-8000 Series Spectrofluorometers and More

07 Mar 2011

JASCO will be featuring the new FP-8000 series of spectrofluorometers during Pittcon 2011, at Booth #3159. Building upon the powerful capabilities of the FP-6000 series, the FP-8000 series instruments provide even greater features and technological innovations.

The JASCO FP-8000 Series spectrofluorometers incorporate the highest sensitivity, fastest spectral scanning capability and excellent analysis-oriented functionality offering integrated solutions for advanced materials research and biochemical analysis applications. To meet the most stringent analysis demands, a variety of accessories are available for integration with a range of sophisticated control and analysis applications available in the user-friendly Spectra Manager™ II software to offer a flexible platform for any luminescence application.

Top features of the FP-8000 series of spectrofluorometers include: 

• Highest sensitivity (> 5000, RMS) 
• Fastest scan speed (60,000 nm/min) 
• Wide dynamic range (> 6.5 orders of magnitude) 
• Auto-Gain and Auto-SCS (Sensitivity Control System) 
• Automatic higher-order diffraction cut filter 
• Rapid 3D spectra measurements 
• Expanded features for phosphorescence measurements (lifetime measurements > 1 millisecond)

Additionally, JASCO will be presenting several oral sessions, poster presentations, and press conferences during the show. The JASCO schedule is as follows:

March 13 (Sunday) 

• 2:00 PM: Oral Session 140-4 – Hand Held/Portable Measurements- Instrumentation (Room: 404)
A Flexible, Portable Instrument Platform for FT-IR Analysis. Richard Larsen, Ph.D.

March 15 (Tuesday) 

• 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM: Poster Session: 900 - Bioanalytical Applications of Fluorescence/Luminescence (Red Area, Hall B Aisle 400)
Reducing Sample Volume for UV-VIS and Fluorescence Instruments – Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks. Richard Larsen, Ph.D. 
• 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM: Poster Session: 930 - FTIR, Raman, NIR, Biospectroscopy - Materials Analysis (Red Area, Hall B Aisle 400) Infrared and Raman Dynamic Imaging for the Examination of Chemical Reactions. Richard Larsen, Ph.D.

March 16 (Wednesday) 

• 8:30 – 9:00 AM: JASCO Press Conference (Room: 303). Richard Larsen, Ph.D.

March 17 (Thursday) 

• 2:00 PM: Oral Session 2410 - Polymers and Plastics (Room: 216)
High Speed, Environmentally Friendly Analysis of Polymer Additives Using Supercritical Fluid Extractions and Supercritical Fluid Chromatography. DJ Tognarelli 
• 2:20 PM: Oral Session 2320 - Environmental Analysis: Organic Constituents (Room: 316)
High Speed Analysis of Pesticides Using Supercritical Fluid Chromatography Coupled with Mass Spectroscopy. DJ Tognarelli

For more details visit Booth #3159 at Pittcon, contact JASCO via their website, email, or telephone.