Product News: New 405 nm Filters for Laser-based Spectroscopy from Iridian

03 Apr 2013

Iridian, the leader in optical filter solutions, has added 405 nm filters to its line of market-leading optical filters for laser-based spectroscopy. An enabling technology for BluRay, 405nm laser diodes are becoming increasingly popular in many application areas, such as machine vision, high resolution printing, metrology, fluorescence, and spectroscopy. Iridian has introduced a 405 nm laser line and long pass filter, allowing the user to see more signal with less background in these applications.

Iridian’s new 405 nm laser line filter offers a narrow bandwidth (~2 nm FWHM), high transmittance, steep roll-off and wide blocking (300-1200nm). This reduces spectral noise without compromising transmittance at 405 nm. The user can view Raman modes, fluorescence or desired signal while blocking the laser line with Iridian’s new 405 nm long pass filter (LPF). Our LPF offers a steep edge, high transmittance and low ripple in the passband in addition to deep blocking (> OD6) at 405 nm.