Product News: IONICS Mass Spectrometry Introduces New Ultra-High Sensitivity Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer

24 Sep 2012

IONICS Mass Spectrometry, a leading developer and manufacturer of high performance triple quads, is adding an ultra-high sensitivity product to its latest generation of the 3Q Molecular Analyzers. The 3Q Series 300 expands the level of sensitivity into the attograms with signal-to-noise enhancements greater than 5x the current state-of-the-art instruments.

“The 3Q Series 300 takes the sensitivity to the next level (ultra-sensitivity) and provides a strong complement to the 3Q Series 200 and 3Q Series 100 triple quads covering need of mid-range, high-end and now ultra-high-end markets” said Erik Hansen, Vice President Commercial Operations. “We continue to be committed to responding to customer needs and are expanding the product line to meet the market demand.”

The 3Q Series 300 triple quadrupole mass spectrometer line is based on IONICS proprietary flow-based technology. The new HSID Max Flow™ provides ultra-high sensitivity with unmatched robustness and throughput. “This breakthrough technology is a result of our firm dedication to research and development. IONICS is intent on achieving the highest of heights in triple quad performance”, expressed Dr. Lisa Cousins, Vice President of Research and Development.
The 3Q Series 300 maintains all the speed and robustness advantages of IONICS’ 3Q Molecular Analyzer Platform, including the Torrent Multi-Option Dual Source™, and the patented technologies HSID™, Zero cross-talk collision cell, and Unifield™ Detector.

“The Series 300 platform demonstrates our ongoing commitment to make advances on sensitivity, throughput, speed and ease of use”, said Dr. Reza Javahery, President and CEO. “We continue to significantly expand our offering providing broader access to IONICS technology and pushing the boundaries”.