Product News: Introducing SmartStand: Intelligent Pipette Management System

14 Feb 2017

Anachem announces the launch of the Rainin SmartStand, an intelligent, highly scalable pipette asset management system that helps busy labs and lab managers proactively manage compliance and save time on record keeping and reporting.

By reading the RFID chip that's in every XLS and XLS+ pipette, SmartStand transforms how labs manage their pipettes. When a pipette is placed in one of SmartStand's four holders, the colour LCD screen instantly displays its current status in a clear visual language.

"By leveraging the data that's already stored on the pipette's RFID chip, we have simplified how lab managers track service data and assure day-to-day compliance," said Sicco Drion, SmartStand Product Manager. "With SmartStand, service data and calibration status are readily apparent every time a user picks up a pipette. Accidently using a pipette that's out of specification is a thing of the past."