Product News: IDT Presents Enhanced Molecular Inversion Probes for NGS Target Enrichment at AGBT Meeting

04 Feb 2014

Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT), the world leader in oligonucleotide synthesis, will present its findings on the use of molecular inversion probes (MIPs) for next generation sequencing (NGS) target enrichment at the 15th annual Advances in Genome Biology and Technology (AGBT) meeting in Marco Island, Florida, Feb 12-15.

John Havens, PhD, Vice President of Business Development at IDT, will discuss Molecular Inversion Probes (MIPs) and their proven effectiveness in the enrichment of genomic content of biological samples for specific regions of interest. NGS can subsequently be used to characterize these regions at high coverage depths. MIPs enable you to multiplex several targets in a single tube and enrich sequences from small amounts of DNA, resulting in time and cost savings.

IDT has developed a procedure whereby a high-fidelity platform is used to synthesize MIPs as long as 200 bases, chemically phosphorylating them independent of sequence. The presence of full length MIPs is then verified using mass spectroscopy prior to pooling. Barcodes can be directly incorporated via degenerate bases and used to characterize the complexity of target capture. Dr Havens will demonstrate the advantage of these MIPs in terms of target specificity and the capture of longer targets. A direct comparison will also be given of this approach with hybridization for a set of oncology targets, highlighting the benefits of MIPs over more traditional methods.

For more information please click on the company website link below or attend the talk on Friday February 14, at 20:50 in the Islands Ballroom, during AGBT. Follow IDT on twitter @idtdna for real-time updates and insights.