Product News: Rapid DNA Technology to Revolutionize the Use of DNA in Law Enforcement and Forensics

01 Oct 2012

IntegenX Inc., a leading developer of rapid human DNA identification technology, has announced the commercial availability of its RapidHIT 200 Human DNA Identification System in the U.S. at the 2012 International Association of Chiefs of Police Conference and Exposition in San Diego, California.

Rapid DNA analysis is a transformative technology that promises to fundamentally change the way investigations are conducted by enabling law enforcement personnel to quickly and definitively link a suspect’s DNA to a crime scene, or eliminate suspicion, all while the suspect is still in police custody.

The RapidHIT 200 System provides actionable intelligence by automating and accelerating the process of producing standardized DNA profiles from cheek swabs in about 90 minutes. This is compared to a process that currently takes up to eight instruments and at least a day in a specialized lab, with results typically returned to police in weeks to months.

Stevan Jovanovich, President and Chief Executive Officer of IntegenX commented: “The availability of this technology now will revolutionize the use of DNA in law enforcement. We see the implementation of rapid DNA as reinforcing the partnership between crime labs and police – putting more power in their hands to get DNA results faster. Law enforcement agencies have been waiting a long time for this capability. We are proud to be the first to deliver it and to say “Rapid DNA is here!”

Numerous international law enforcement and security agencies use DNA-based human identification to make informed decisions regarding the arrest, detention or release of suspects, as well as to analyze crime scene evidence. By integrating what was until now a multi-step, multi-system process, rapid DNA technology has the potential to accelerate and expand the use of proven DNA technologies to help the efforts of law enforcement, homeland security, and defense to create safer communities and a safer world.

One of the first police departments to place an order for the RapidHIT 200 System is Palm Bay, Florida, an organization known for its progressive use of DNA to solve high volume crimes.

“We are extremely proud of what we have been able to accomplish so far using DNA, and expect the RapidHIT 200 System to greatly accelerate our efforts,” said Doug Muldoon, Police Chief of Palm Bay. “Based on our experience, the more we can use this ultimate identification tool in our work, the more our crime rates go down and our case closure rates go up. That is good news for creating safer communities for our citizens. Rapid DNA will enhance our methods for dealing with high volume crimes using our locally created database.”

“This is one of the best crime fighting tools we have seen in decades. It allows law enforcement to identify the bad guys and put them in jail. It also protects the innocent from going to jail for a crime they did not commit,” added Chief Muldoon.