Product News: Improved Pipetting for Biobanking and Clinical Diagnostics

11 Jan 2017

Tecan aims to simplify handling of biological fluids with the introduction of a wide bore version of its popular 1,000 μl Liquid Handling Arm™ (LiHa) disposable tip. Initially available for use with the Air LiHa™ air displacement pipetting option on Freedom EVO® workstations, this new filtered tip has been developed to help alleviate some of the issues associated with handling complex liquids for applications such as biobanking and clinical diagnostics.   

The introduction of a wide bore tip option for the Air LiHa is in direct response to customer requests, and is aimed at users routinely working with viscous or non-homogenous biological fluids. Supplied in Tecan Pure purity in Tecan’s standard hanging tray format, the larger diameter aperture of this tip should help to eliminate tip occlusion errors, reducing the need for manual intervention and improving laboratory productivity. The new tip is currently supported for capacitive liquid level detection (cLLD) and Pressure Monitored Pipetting (PMP™) in the latest version of Freedom EVOware®, and will soon be available for use with both the Freedom EVO’s liquid-displacement LiHa and the Fluent® Laboratory Automation Solution’s Flexible Channel Arm™, allowing it to be easily introduced into existing workflows.