Product News: Image 3X the Surface Area for the Complete Picture

10 Apr 2012

Molecular Devices will be showcasing their ImageXpress® Micro XL and SpectraMax® Paradigm® during Analytica 2012.

ImageXpress® Micro XL is an excellent tool for pinpointing mechanisms of action in the research or treatment of cancer, neurological disorders, viral infection, hemophilia, and premature aging. Regardless of resolution, and thanks to its laser auto focusing capabilities, brightfield imaging option and environmentally controlled chamber, the ImageXpress® Micro XL System offers researchers the benefit of imaging three times the sample area to deliver statistically relevant results in a third of the time. Whether searching for rare events or investigating multifaceted cell signaling pathways, the ImageXpress® Micro XL offers three times the data points per image to decrease the time to perform cellular- and high-resolution screens. This enables users to measure parameters such as cell cycle and apoptosis, the formation of micronuclei, neurite outgrowth, angiogenesis, intracellular translocation or endocytosis. For each assay, biological phenotypes can be automatically identified, segmented, and analyzed using a validated software module to generate accurate results for rapid screening.

The SpectraMax® Paradigm® Multi-Mode Microplate Detection Platform is a user upgradeable microplate reader that allows for real-time system configuration by the user in less than two minutes. This modularity allows you to read what you want, when you want without compromising your biology. Although your detection needs may change, your equipment can stay the same simply by adding a new detection cartridge.

The company will be running personalized product demonstrations at their booth in Hall A3, Stand 230A, to register please visit their website.