Application reports demonstrate safe & efficient aspiration of liquids

16 Oct 2008
INTEGRA Biosciences has announced 2 new application reports that demonstrate how its personal vacuum aspiration system - VACUSAFE comfort - makes the aspiration of liquids safe, easy and efficient.

Downloadable from the company website - the first application report shows how the VACUSAFE comfort is enabling a leading North American hospital to safely and productively aspirate radioactive and virally contaminated solutions. A second downloadable application report discusses how a European company is using the VACUSAFE comfort as a safe and productive sample preparation tool for their high-throughput molecular diagnostic kits.

For laboratories tired of inflexible and noisy vacuum systems, VACUSAFE comfort makes aspiration of hazardous liquids very safe, user-friendly and flexible. The compact, all-in-one vacuum aspiration system incorporates low-noise pump, shatterproof collection bottle and a versatile hand operator. With its adapters, removal of liquids is possible from virtually any container. It is extremely simple to operate - switch on, set the required vacuum and start working. Unlike most "home-made" aspiration systems, the VACUSAFE comfort has several important safety features like the liquid level sensor and the two hydrophobic filters that block potentially dangerous aerosols. VACUSAFE comfort is the laboratory vacuum of choice for a growing range of life science applications where gentle and controlled removal of supernatants is required.

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