Product News: 16 CO2 Monitors in One!

16 Jun 2009

The CO2 concentration in incubators used in IVF and other cell biology laboratories must be accurately controlled if maximum cell viability is to be achieved.

The unique Xiltrix® CO2 monitoring system from IKS (Rosmalen, The Netherlands) uses a single sensor in an automated monitoring station to accurately measure, record and if necessary alarm the CO2 concentrations in up to 16 incubators, offering significant cost savings to any laboratory using more than 3 or 4 such incubators. At intervals set by the user, this single sensor is automatically calibrated against a standard gas mixture. This not only eliminates sensor drift but clearly offers further savings compared to the separate calibration of individual incubator sensors.

Han Weerdesteyn, XiltriX Product Manager, said “Many IVF laboratories have been able to accurately monitor, control and optimise their CO2 incubators using the XiltriX CO2 monitoring solution. Better CO2 control means more viable embryos, more successful IVF treatments and less painful and costly repeat procedures. The XiltriX solution is also ideal for haematology, cell culture or vaccine laboratories – basically any lab with a lot of CO2 incubators with valuable or vulnerable samples in them.”

XiltriX offers a comprehensive solution to laboratory and equipment monitoring. Storage devices such as refrigerators, incubators and freezers and the products stored in them can all be monitored. Not only CO2, but other parameters like temperature, humidity, door opening, pressure and flow can all be measured and recorded from multiple sensors, the results logged and reported, and alarms generated if necessary.