Product News: Innovative Peristaltic Pump Provides Three Independent Channels from a Single Pump

27 Nov 2012

A new design of peristaltic pump which allows independent flow control of three separate channels within a single pump has been introduced by IDEX Health & Science. The Ismatec® Reglo ICC (Independent Channel Control) peristaltic pump expands the power of laboratory and life-science pumping by providing individual control of each fluidic channel and so eliminates the need for multiple pumps.

Maximizing available bench-top space is important for many laboratories and the Reglo ICC pump helps to minimize the clutter of multiple pumps as well as allowing users to solve application complexity in a single pump.

The key features and benefits include, continuous pumping or precision dispensing, in one, two, or three channels, the flexibility of bi-directional flow in each channel and easy-to-use tubing cassettes for quick, convenient changeovers. Most importantly, independent channel calibration minimizes the tube-to-tube differences, which results in optimum accuracy for a multi-channel peristaltic pump.

The Reglo ICC pump, which is self-priming and is not sensitive to dry-running, can handle flow rates from of 0.002 up to 35 ml/min and differential pressures up to 1 bar, while an easy-to-use USB interface means connections can be made quickly.