Product News: Hitachi's Advanced HT7700 120kV TEM Becomes More Powerful

03 Oct 2012

The introduction of the new objective lens option and a new STEM version makes Hitachi’s HT7700 the most powerful 120 kV TEM currently available, as well as the most intuitive. Now the ground-breaking HT7700 is just as well suited to the low accelerating voltage, high resolution examination of engineered light element materials as the advanced biomedical and biological samples for which it is already known.

The new high resolution pole piece option for the HT7700 utilizes Hitachi's unique double-gap objective lens technology, together with minimized spherical aberration to provide enhanced resolution – the best in class for a 120 kV instrument. This makes it especially suited to high resolution imaging of light element materials where lower voltages provide improved contrast and reduced damage. Exceptional imaging is possible even at voltages as low as 40 kV.

The HT7700 continues to offer fully digital imaging, with a wide range of fully integrated and semi integrated CCD camera systems to ensure that the best camera is available for the application. A high sensitivity real-time digital CCD camera enables all microscope operations to be performed through the graphical user interface - including setup, alignment, image adjustment and image acquisition.

An optional high performance Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope (STEM) system further enhances the analytical capabilities of the HT7700. This integrates seamlessly with HT7700 operation and provides powerful brightfield and darkfield imaging. The high magnification and large Field-Of-View STEM is ideal for high-resolution lattice imaging, bulk crystal structure, and nanoparticle analysis. With an intuitive STEM GUI and automation capabilities, spatially resolved EDX, analytical imaging and thick section analysis are all made routine. All STEM images are instantly archived in Hitachi’s EMIP database software.