Product News: High Precision Thermoregulation

18 Jun 2009

The Achema 2009 proved to a highly visible and well visited exhibition to present our latest innovations to the industry.

The new Unistat® model, the "petite fleur" , brings the Tango Technology more economically to small bench top reactors. Clearly a highlight from the interest it generated, the informed customer base expressed unanimous approval of this new “Baby Tango”!

The Unistat range now encompasses applications from the smallest to the largest reactors with the same technology bringing a proper dimension to our exhibition slogan “Professional Scale-up”.

No other manufacturer offers the pharmaceutical or chemistry industries with a uniform temperature control technology from research to production.

Our leading role as a pioneer in cooling technology is once again proven with our introduction of our new CO² based chillers. As a need and a topic, environmentally sensitive solutions gain ever more significance - now our customers can make include a truly environmentally safe option and operate our chillers for many years without contributing to the greenhouse effect or Ozone layer damage.

The new MC-line was also introduced. The entrance class concentrates simply on the function of temperature control with no additional features. An “Advanced” version is available and adds an RS232 interface and a connection for an external Pt100. In times of financial challenges they offer the customer a robust, low-priced solution as an alternative for simple tasks from -30 to 200°C.

“Communication without borders”, the new Web box offers purely digital communication interfaces with USB options, LAN and RS232 amongst them: On the booth at the Achema a Ministat® 125-cc was equipped with a basic commonly available Bluetooth USB Stick enabling remote control from a standard Bluetooth enabled mobile phone. A Unistat® Tango was regulated via USB cables by a computer and a K6-CC was controlled via an externally owned network via TCP/IP (Ethernet). The new WebBox pleased the visitors demonstrating new and secure communication options

Huber is not the largest among our competitors but we gain ground every year with a constant stream of innovations. Look around and you will see that we have led the way in sealed systems (available since 1991), plug-and-play controllers (since 1984) touch-screen controllers (since 2003), compact designs (since 1967) and environmentally sensitive refrigeration systems. Many companies use the word “Innovative”, at Huber, we simply are as history shows. Driven by the evolving needs and the direct feedback of our customers and made possible by the highly-motivated multidisciplinary Huber team, our company delivers cost effective and solid temperature control solutions. Result: They came - our dear customers. Thank you! The mood at the 2009 ACHEMA showed clearly upbeat and we are already pleased.