Product News: Hamilton Expands Arc Transmitter-Free Sensor Integration and Control Capabilities

14 Jun 2012

Hamilton Company introduces Hamilton Device Manager – a new configuration tool that enables integration of the company’s Arc Sensors into a wider range of digital protocol environments. Hamilton Arc Sensors are transmitter-free, communicating directly with a process control system, typically via 4-20 mA or digital interfaces.

The new Hamilton Device Manager, based on field device technology (FTD), enables access to and management of the sensors through a range of commonly used, industry-standard digital protocols. New features also save time by allowing the user to program multiple sensors at once, and field devices from multiple manufacturers can also now be integrated with one interface.

Arc sensors deliver significant cost savings by eliminating the need for transmitters, providing high-quality signals for reliable readings. The technology enables in-lab precalibration and configuration to reduce costs associated with installation and downtime. With Hamilton Device Manager, users can configure the sensor network, set parameters, calibrate and troubleshoot.

“Our Arc sensors have revolutionized process measurement and we have seen increasing interest demand for integrating them into a range of existing environments,” commented Amber Ratcliff, market segment manager for Hamilton. “This new Hamilton Device Manager functionality exemplifies our commitment to continuous product improvements.”

A Hamilton Device Manager upgrade is available as freeware on the company website for existing Arc Sensor customers and is incorporated into all new systems.