Product News: Beverly System, a Better Choice for Brewers from Hamilton Company

29 Oct 2013

Developed in collaboration with brewers, Hamilton Company, a leader in process analytics, announces the launch of Beverly, a portable dissolved oxygen (DO) measurement system.

The Beverly system combines Hamilton’s best-in-class VisiFerm™ DO B optical DO sensor and intelligent Arc™ microprocessor in a rugged casing for accurate, economical DO measurement throughout brewing operations, from fermentation, filtration, and filling to cleaning-in-place (CIP) and sterilizing-in-place (SIP).

The built-for-purpose Beverly system is a handed-carried unit, enabling brewers to measure DO at-line during or after filtration and to check bright beer before bottling, ensuring purity and superior taste. Beverly saves time and CO2 by measuring DO in exhaust gas of vessels while flushing with CO2 after cleaning and prior to filling.

The Beverly unit meets IP 67 watertight standards and provides 50 hours of continuous operation. It has fast response times down to ppb levels and enables calibration without removing the sensor, which reduces downtime. The VisiFerm optical DO sensor handles environmental extremes including temperature and pressure hammers and spikes.