Product News: The New 16 Channel Multi-Pixel Photon Counter (MPPC) Series

29 Jun 2012

Hamamatsu Photonics have introduced a brand new range of MPPC detectors which complement and expand on the successful existing range.

The S11827-3344MG, S11828-3344M, S11829-3344MF and S11830-3344MF all use a 4x4ch monolithic array allowing for maximum position resolution with minimum dead space. Each detector in this new range features a unique package type. The S11827-3344MG is available in a PWB package whilst the S11828-3344M is in a compact SMD package. The S11829-3344MF and S11830-3344MF both have an FPC output with the S11829 having 16.4cm leads and the S11830 5cm leads.

The new devices utilize a Geiger-mode avalanche photodiode structure for ultra-low-level light detection. The MPPC is easily connected to an external circuit for simple operation and is operated from a low voltage power supply (typically 70 Volts).

All of the aforementioned detectors are available with 3600 pixels and a small 50µm pitch, afforded by the monolithic chip construction. Each pixel contains a quenching resistor so that simultaneous photon events can be counted separately and with a high degree of accuracy. The devices feature a typical gain value 7.5x105. The new detectors also feature high photon detection efficiency in the UV and blue regions of the spectrum, with peak sensitivity at 400nm, making them ideal for scintillator readout. Additionally, the MPPC is insensitive to magnetic fields making it an ideal candidate for applications with more demanding environments.

These versatile new detectors are ideal for a variety of applications, including positron emission tomography and high-energy physics experiments (including gamma ray detection) as well as some security applications and UV fluorescence measurements.