Product News: HORIBA’s Point-of-Care CRP Analyzer Successfully Evaluated by Synergy Health

30 Oct 2013

HORIBA UK Ltd, Medical Division, has announced the successful outcome of an evaluation study of a point-of-care (POC) full blood count and whole blood CRP comparison study of its Microsemi CRP analyzer. The scientific study was undertaken by Synergy Health Laboratory Services and confirms that this easy-to-use POC analyzer demonstrates excellent correlation with routine laboratory methodologies.

CRP (C-Reactive Protein) is secreted by the liver in response to a variety of inflammatory cytokines. Therefore, it is often used for the diagnosis and monitoring of different acute inflammatory processes, particularly in a near patient setting where it can rapidly evaluate possible infection and sepsis. Immediate availability of CRP results using devices, such as the Microsemi CRP, has been shown to reduce antibiotic use [1] and improve the rapid detection of increased risk of major co-morbidities in COPD patients [2].

The Microsemi CRP requires just 18 µL of whole blood for the simultaneous measurement of full blood count (FBC), including 3-part differential, and CRP within 4 minutes. The study found that the instrument demonstrated excellent correlation for FBC, differential and CRP when compared to routine methods. CRP correlation was exceptional at 0.996. Synergy scientists also observed that as the three level whole blood control integrates CRP, this avoids the need for two separate controls. Furthermore, they confirmed the Microsemi CRP’s suitability for use in Primary and Secondary Care, as well as paediatric settings.

Results of the study have been published by Synergy Health’s Department of Pathology, in a scientific poster presentation at IBMS Congress 2013, Birmingham, and can also be viewed online here.
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